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Lupe DeLobo

4 Responses to “Contact”

  1. Edd Says:

    If you like to give critic to things, please at least do it in a correct way. You seem to enjoy thinking that people doing work you don´t like neccesary are lonely, but on the other hand I can´t imagine that someone acting like you isn´t completly lonely himself. I don`t think you are lonely, but I just can´t imagine you not to be.
    Your articles are to offend people and nothing else. Beeing like that will prevent you from ever getting into a position to actually really move things that bother you. It´s just a friendly advice, nothing more. All the best to you.

    P.S. The email address may exist, but it isn´t mine, this may not seem very grown-up, but meddling with you would not be in my interest, and writing to the email address would mean I would have to create an account first, which would exceed the time it is worth.

  2. Skott Says:

    I really couldn’t have said it better then Edd. The really only funny thing about your site is, for all your criticism, your not funny at all. Your criticisms are loosely based, pretty much summing up as “I don’t like this. Here’s why you shouldn’t either. I can do it better.” and you really can’t which makes it both funny and hypocritical (making it a bit sad). I did give you a fair shot after reading your criticisms, and your failed utterly.

    It actually reminded me instantly of an episode of King of the Hill where his son starts taking lessons from a “fine comedy” clown with his own cult following. And the more he listens to the clown, the more the world begins to shun him, because while the clown thinks he’s discovered the “science” of “refined comedy”, all he’s done is place rules on comedy. Rules the rest of society didn’t agree to and has no reason to follow, despite his egotism. Your the clown in this.

    I agree with Edd, in that, while I don’t think your COMPLETELY alone. I can only imagine you kinda locked in your own bubble of self approval. Which is probably why your criticisms and humor fall flat, since you have no interaction with the outside world and other walks of life. But hey… as the saying goes “Haters gonna hate”. I found both your sites completely by accident, ironically, looking up other web comics.

    Unlike Edd, that is my email. Like Edd, don’t bother writing to it. The 3 minutes it took me to write this was far more time then I should have invested in this venture but I wanted to critic the “critique”.

  3. Tweed Says:

    A few points about the After Eden review on

    1. Einstein was not religious.

    “It was, of course, a lie what you read about my religious convictions, a lie which is being systematically repeated. I do not believe in a personal God and I have never denied this but have expressed it clearly. If something is in me which can be called religious then it is the unbounded admiration for the structure of the world so far as our science can reveal it.” – Einstein.

    2. Fundamentalist atheist doesn’t mean anything. You could try the following.

    – raving atheist
    – crazed atheist
    – militant atheist
    – always-brings-up-religion-in-conversation atheist

    Also there are some paragraphs which are incredibly long explanations of why a single piece of retarded crap in the comic is retarded crap. It looks like Dan Lietha has said “Hurr, you’re a poopy-face!” and you’ve spent all day obsessing over it.

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