The L.R.

A panorama of Luigiville, the capital city of the Luigiian Republic.

The Luigiian Republic is a city state located in the Mushroom Kingdom Bloc or MKB, bordered by the Yoshiian Confederation to the west, the Mariolandian Confederation to the east, the Wariolandian Federation to the north, and the Bowserland Kingdom to the south. The nation is comprised of the municipality of Luigiville and its territories, which include less than one square mile of terrain.

The Luigiian Republic is among the smallest nation-states of the MKB in land area, but also among its most powerful. Often questioned by outsiders due to its lack of military forces and low population, the Luigiian Republic is aided in military campaigns by a strong alliance with the Mariolandian Confederation, whose fighting forces are considered the strongest of any in the MKB. Furthermore, its economy, though dependent on a service-oriented structure, is considered robust by bloc standards.


The terrain of the Luigiian Republic is semi-arid, with a large cave-like expanse in the far north of the nation, where Luigiville sits. Currently, Luigiville, the capital city of the nation, sits on a plateau two-hundred feet over the rest of the land it claims.

The Luigiian Republic claims a narrow strip of territory approximately one mile long and less than one-thousand feet wide.


The Luigiian Republic was founded in 2004, although it has roots dating back to 1997, when now-Governor Justin Isaac Depoy founded a Lego city in what is now the Wariolandian Federation. This city was then under the rule of the Mushroom Kingdom, but was moved to the banks of the Lego River, where it currently resides, in 1998. It was renamed Littleton that same year, and renamed again, this time to Luigiville, in 1999.

Until the year 2006, the Luigiian Republic was an autocratic dictatorship under Mayor Justin Depoy. In 2002, the Luigiian Army was established and, under Depoy, formed the Luigiian Republic, removing the city from under the governance of the Mushroom Kingdom. In 2006, formal elections were held to create a Constitutional Committee and Senate, and by December 31, 2006, the Luigiian Republic National Government was formed.


The Luigiian Government as established under the 2006 National Constitution provides for a governorship, currently under Justin Depoy, as well as a Senate, “People’s Assembly” and Supreme Court. The Senate is currently composed of five members headed by Yoshima Yoshoi, and the People’s Assembly is composed of all of the eligible voting citizens of the nation. Both the Governor and the Senate are elected by the People’s Assembly. While the Supreme Court has not yet been created, it is assumed that it will be officially created as a branch of Luigiian Government by 2008. Until that time, the Senate has taken to the resolution of all legal issues within the nation.

Foreign Relations and Military

The Luigiian Republic is allied with the Mushroom Kingdom, the Yoshiian Confederation, and the Mariolandian Confederation. Its strongest alliance is with the Mariolandians, who have protected the nation repeatedly against Bowserlandian attacks. In return, the Luigiians provide both land and money to Mariolandian military activities.

The Luigiian Republic’s relations with the Wariolandian Federation are considered poor, but little has come from feuds between the two nations. Its relations with the Bowserlandians, however, have resulted in many clashes between Luigiian and Bowserlandian military forces, and primarily come because of its alliance with the Mariolandian and Mushroom Kingdom nations, and because of its repeated harborings of Mario Mario, an alleged terrorist and leader of the Mariolandian Confederation. Mario’s brother Luigi Mario is commander of the Luigiian military forces.

The Luigiian Military forces are comprised of five major groups: the Anti-Weed Corps, which is dedicated to reducing populations of allergen-causing plants which cause trouble for local farmers; their Tank Battalion, consisting of two tanks; the Missile Silo Defense Corps, which is in charge of missile silos and intercepting missile attacks; a Helicopter Battalion, consisting of five helicopters; and Intercontinental Ballistic Missile personnel.

Luigiian Economy and Society

Luigiians are notable both for the lack of stratification and lack of social status in their nation. Though income disparities do exist, a small population means that they are slight, usually anywhere from fifty to seventy-thousand legoleons between the poorest and richest citizens of the nation. Luigiian society has an extremely small upper class, a moderately-sized middle class and large lower-class, with 75% of residents lacking adequate housing due to materials and funding shortages.

Luigiian Culture

As a fairly new nation, the Luigiian Republic’s society is borrowed heavily from others, particularly that of the society of the United States, but also with Japanese, Mexican-American, and some other influences. Most Luigiians describe themselves as Christian (85%), with some agnostics (13%), Buddhist (less than two percent), and atheists (less than one percent). Musical tastes vary widely, as do tastes in the arts, but a general interest in video games permeates Luigiian society; in fact, Luigiville’s name derives from the name of Luigi Mario of the video game Super Mario Bros. An unusually high number of Luigiians also describe themselves as fans of anime (approximately 25%), and other fandoms described as “geek” fandoms in the United States have extremely high numbers of followers in Luigiian society.


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