Welcome to the website of MediSideKicks and Santa Muerte-An HMO and Hospital Combination You can Trust

Welcome to MediSideKicks’ website, the official site for the Luigiian Republic’s own HMO. We specialize in the medical care of the citizens of the Luigiian Republic, and offer the most competitive prices for medical care in the Mushroom Kingdom Bloc.

—MediSideKicks News—

June 21, 2005 A patient died unexpectedly during a routine checkup at our facilities. We apologize to the family, and request her ten-legoleon copay by June 25, 2005.

June 23, 2005 We apologize to the man in whom we found the sponge and clamp a doctor accidentally left in his sphincter after routine surgery. We request the 2000 legoleon cost of the surgery by June 27, 2005. We will also not settle out of court.Welcome to Santa Muerte Medical Center

—Santa Muerte News—

September 7, 2005 We apologize for the cleanup going on in surgery after a man’s liver exploded because one of our doctors replaced his stomach with a can of beer. We would like to note that this is nothing like that episode of South Park, no, wait, the South Park Movie, which had doctors replace Kenny’s heart with a baked potato.


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