Who’s at the Super Bowl, again?

Super Bowl 44 was more entertaining than usual this year, as ancient relic pop band The Who proved that a British band whose greatest fame came before the Super Bowl even existed can outperform American musicians of all kinds, who are all universally terrible, ugly, talentless hacks created and controlled by the same kinds of tyrannical corporations that created Avatar to remind comically disillusioned middle-class first-world semi-humans that they are less caring and human than blue-skinned anthropomorphic cats who live on another planet.

Young American musicians, whose only redeeming qualities are their ability to show off their ugly, deformed tits in a desperate effort to appear edgy, were excluded from this American football concert. The difference in ability between American and European musicians is especially noticeable when considering American musicians such as Chris Isaac, whose hooting, monkey-like country redneck wailings will remind listeners of an effeminate, high-pitched, inbred Klansman with no talent; and, of course, Nickelback, which is semi-American having originated in Canada, yet which sounds neither good nor Canadian.

Oh wait, The Who sucked too? My God, I never could have guessed. I guess the human race has no talent and is incapable of finding anything newer than played-out old guys. Generation X? Fuck ’em. Talentless hacks. All of them. System of a Down? At the Superbowl? Surely you must be joking, the Super Bowl is far too high-class for the likes of Toxicity. Grizzly Bear? Hahaha, don’t make me laugh. Or maybe Arctic Monkeys for that distinctly British sound? Queens of the Stone Age?

As if you didn’t need any more of a clue that the Super Bowl is for middle-aged men with a taste in music dating back to the Jurassic. I’m not saying we need to move on or anything, but seriously.