The Story of Penis Mutilation in America: Circumcise Your Boys for Jesus and Protect them from French Prostitutes

The peoples of the world are defined by their ignorances. Some of the peoples of the world have tame ignorances, such as those of the Greeks who used to molest children for sport. Others have very interesting ignorances. For example, the Chinese liked to force their women to wear very tiny shoes so their feet would become deformed, because Chinese men are sexually attracted to women with deformities.

America is the nexus at which the various ignorances of the peoples of the world are brought together in a single unholy writhing mass of ignorance, hatred, bigotry, misogyny, and closed-mindedness. Being a nation of primarily unwashed honkies, America’s ignorances tend towards those of white trash, people who prefer their trucks big and who prefer their women drunk and willing at all times. These are people who hate science, who stone gays, and who hate vegetables, nutritious foods, and anybody who is not also white trash, including liberals, Hispanics, rich people of all kinds, intelligent people, and people who actually know what the hell is going on beyond Big Bubba’s Trailer Park Emporium and the local GMC dealership.

The one group which white trash loves besides other white trash is Jews. White trash loves Jews, or at least those who helped to write the Bible, a book which white trash holds dear in its white trash heart to make all of its decisions. Much white trash prefers to open up a Bible and pick a phrase at random to tell their fortune, in a ritual they refer to as “Bible dipping”. Then they go out and lynch fortune-tellers en masse because fortune-tellers get their powers from the Devil.

Fundamentalist Christians specifically fell in love with Jews, especially the nation of Israel. Israel is fundamentalist Christianity’s friend, because it gives fundamentalist Christians a convenient reason to bomb the shit out of people poorer and worse off than themselves, another white trash hobby. Christians fell so unremittingly in love with Jews, the Bible and fundamentalist religion that they consummated their relations with this religious trinity in an unholy buttsex orgy, resulting in a horrible fusion of all of these things which was so great that we still feel the results today, especially in our cocks.

The following is the story of how circumcision came to be. This story will explain to you why children have their dick skins cut off if they are born in the United States of America, land of the free, home of the ignorant fetid masses of the world.

Here’s why Americans circumcise their children.

Thousands of years ago Jews began to circumcise their children in the name of God. They did this so God would not smite them, or whatever shit people were coming up with back then. If you masturbated or didn’t cut the skin off your penis or had fun while having sex the Jewish God would torture you and kill you and send you to Hell.

Then, Jesus came to life as a corporeal representation of God. Jesus didn’t say dick about circumcision, except that his followers didn’t have to do it. Fuck that part, though, because he’s totally cool with it and such. After all, he was Jewish; he would be cool with the whole dick-skin sawing thing. He was a carpenter. One would assume he circumcised himself with a saw. A big fucking saw. Or a chisel. He probably chiseled his dick-skin off.

Then the Romans took over Christianity so the Jewish God wouldn’t destroy their Empire. The Jewish God destroyed their Empire anyway. He also tortured the Jews for various reasons.

By the early 19th century most people had stopped cutting off their children’s cock skins for various reasons. I have many theories on why this occurred. First off, it didn’t help peasant children work in the fields or work in the mines, and since they were probably going to die before they turned twelve months old it didn’t matter anyway. It’s not like they were going to get to lose their virginity or masturbate or anything. And if they did, who cared? This was Victorian England! Fuck happiness and sexual expression!

Second off, who gives a shit if poor children go to hell? It was the rich that mattered. Cutting off poor children’s dick skins was an unnecessary cost. The poor needed to fuck and fuck and fuck and reproduce like rabbits until the world was full to capacity of stupid children that nobody could take care of, and it wouldn’t matter, because the unnecessary vagina droppings could die of starvation. And all of them could go to hell because they got to keep the twenty thousand nerve endings men have on their cock skin, and after the obligatory hard work for rich white people that don’t give a shit about anybody or anything but themselves it wouldn’t matter. They’d been used. Their purpose was fulfilled. Circumcision was unnecessary.

Then America got to work, and John Harvey Kellogg threw his hat into the ring and decided that circumcision would help keep young boys and men from masturbating. Obviously. You slice skin off a dick and it becomes a little bit harder to get off.

But that’s a good thing! Fuck getting off! It’s not important! What is important is being pure. Meanwhile chugging down alcohol while beating your children and wife and killing brown people in foreign countries and beating black people to death and forcing your lifestyle down the throats of everybody else. Jacking off is the problem. Cooling off with porn after work is bad. Beating your children and wife is the right way to handle stress.

Most people with a brain in their head ignored Kellogg, because corn flakes suck and so did John Harvey Kellogg, who was a lunatic. FUCK JOHN HARVEY KELLOGG AND HIS SHITTY CEREAL.


Anyway, so then we go to war. We blow the everliving shit out of a bunch of European countries who were led around by a lunatic for reasons which have never really been explained. (And those same countries did whatever this lunatic wanted them to, which I’ve also never really understood.)

Our soldiers were fucking left and right throughout all this war. They fucked every Parisian hooker in sight, and get this, they started getting STDs.

Gee, I wonder why.

Maybe if the soldiers kept it in their fucking pants and waited till they got home to their girlfriends, they wouldn’t have had to cut their cock skin off to protect themselves against STDs.

But no, and so they took the Jew route so they wouldn’t get the clap.

This–American troops having unprotected sex with hookers–is the primary reason children are circumcised in America today. GIs brought the practice home with them as a method of decreasing STD transmission. In addition, intact children must have their private parts cleaned thoroughly, and American parents are both too lazy and too prudish to touch a baby’s penis to ensure he doesn’t get a urinary tract infection.

And thus are American children circumcised in the name of Jesus who said his followers didn’t have to get circumcisions, to protect them from hookers and UTIs.

Children who are circumcised never get a choice, never go back, nada. Twenty thousand nerve endings and most of the penis’ sensitivity are out the window with a snip-snip-snip and a whoop-de-doodle. The foreskin can never be replaced. Men that lose it never fully feel sex ever again, and are permanently less sensitive.

In simple terms, the foreskin is what feels most of the secks. Americans started circumcising kids so men couldn’t feel sex and wouldn’t want to have it as much. Period. That’s why Americans circumcise their kids. That’s why Abraham did it, that’s why fundie Christians do it, that’s why it’s done. So men can’t enjoy sex as much and won’t do it anymore.

In frank terms, America doesn’t give a shit. Why should it? We’re talking about a country that considers Coca Cola with high fructose corn syrup to be equal to sugar Coke. These people will never care, because they are desensitized to all outside stimuli, whether it be oral, anal, or penile. So I suppose, keep doing what you’re doing, America. Because you’re Christians. Because you don’t like sex.

Because you know, in your heart of hearts, that your kids are going to go fuck some French hookers.


Father Magazine, “The Historical Basis for Child Circumcision in America.” 1996.

San Francisco Gate. “The Mommy Files: CDC Considers Promoting Circumcision.” August 24, 2009. (Yes, it is true, the practice is 60% effective in prevention of HIV. Pbbbbfffh. As you fundies always like to say, the best protection against HIV is abstinence. Isn’t saying circumcision prevents STDs just going to encourage circumcised kids to have more sex?)

American Academy of Pediatrics. Statements on Circumcision and Urinary Tract Infection. (And it will also reduce UTI contraction, from one in every 100 infants to one in every thousand infants. Big deal. I’ll take my chances, thanks.)

4 Responses to “The Story of Penis Mutilation in America: Circumcise Your Boys for Jesus and Protect them from French Prostitutes”

  1. SPORTSFAN54545454 Says:



  2. Pro-Skin Bloke Says:

    Around 1930 or 1940, the typical USA maternity began circumcising every boy born in it, unless Mom raised the subject, put her foot down, furrowed her brow, clenched her jaw, and looked the nurse or do in the eye, saying “Anteaters forever!” This “routine circumcision policy” continued until American medicine became hyper-litigious in the 1970s.

    For the the past 30 odd years, Mommie has to tick a box on the paperwork she completes in order to be admitted to the maternity wing. In the 1980s, more and more doctors stopped pushing circ. Since 1980, Medicaid in 16 states has stopped paying for it, including in the biggest state by far, California. No surprise in this corner that the baby circ rate has fallen from 90% to 55%.

    I agree with you that military docs fell in love with circ during the World Wars. This mindset continued through Korea and Vietnam. If the doc could not completely expose your glans during our induction physical, you were likely to be told to check into the infirmary once your training was complete. Naval surgeons on board ship with nothing to do clipped cocks with gay abandon. That’s how Humphrey Bogart got cut, while in the Navy around 1920. Finally, military docs had a deadly fear of VD contracted while on R&R. Moreover, they thought, without evidence, that the clipped were a lot less likely to come down with a dose of the clap.

    But the real role of the military in promoting circ was as follows. Barracks life meant that young men from all walks of life got to see each other naked. And the outcome of this downing of trousers was that farm boys, hillbillies, sons of steel workers could see that the boys who had been to college, or were headed for college once they got out of the service, were pretty much all cut. And the cut boys saw that the hillbillies, rednecks, and blue collar types were heavily uncut. The uncut boys may have outnumbered the cut ones and made fun of them. But dollars to donuts the cut boys went along with the American Foreskin Holocaust when they mustered out and started their families. The rednecks knew that the helmet look was the American “cattle brand” denoting better origins.

    Americans born between 1940 and 1980 could go through their entire lives and never see a foreskin in the flesh. I am a Baby Boomer, and can attest that I never heard a dirty joke about circ and the foreskin until I was in college. Circ was nowhere mentioned except in books on parenting, where it received 1-2 paragraphs, claiming that cut was cleaner, and that circ prevented the mother of all disgusting secretions, smegma.

    I have concluded that we Baby Boomers were cut without our parents’ knowledge or consent. Baby was cut at least a week before Mom changed its diaper for the first time. By the time mother and baby were released from the hospital, the wound had mostly healed and Mom saw nothing that forcefully reminded her of the fact that Bubs had been circed. In those days, Dad didn’t change diapers or help with the bath.

    When Bubs got older, Mom and Dad said nothing to him, because they didn’t know what to say. Circ had not been explained to them. If Bubs asked questions, his pediatrician gave honest answers, but Bubs did not know there were questions to be asked. At the grade school urinal, in Boy Scout camp, in the high school locker room, there were no foreskins to be seen, so that boys all assumed that the way they looked was what Mother Nature intended. Sex education was far from universal in my day. And if there was sex ed, it was often too squeamish to talk about a private part that every boy in the room lacked. Boys eventually learned the truth about themselves in the rough and ready way boys have always learned about anatomy and sex. The vast majority of boys either bought the line that “it’s cleaner to be circumcised” or else shrugged thinking “you can’t miss what you’ve never known.” But a few American and Canadian boys have been enraged because they were deprived of what is probably the most nerve-laden part of their genitalia, for no good reason whatsoever. (All peer-reviewed articles advocating circ before Wiswell’s work on UTI, in 1986, was laughably incompetent.) Moreover, this minor surgery was performed with no anesthesia whatsoever. This has messed up some male minds, and some women have become quite indignant about this too. In fact, I think a growing distaste for circ among younger women is what will eventually make it disappear in the USA.

    The American and British upper middle class fell in love with routine infant circumcision 100 odd years ago, even though local anesthesia did not exist until 1920, and medical science in those days knew nothing about how vaginal intercourse work. Hell, in those days they thought that male masturbation was a health and morals train wreck. The upshot is that 100 million American baby boys were circumcised, even though we did not have a clue as to what the possible consequences were for male or female sexual expression or pleasure. This situation was as unconscionable as it is bizarre, and has made many Americans inherently suspicious of the ethics and good sense of USA ob-gyns, the main practitioners of routine circumcision.

  3. Circ'd Dude Says:

    I was circumsized when I was 4 or 5 (maybe younger or older, I really don’t remember). In any case, it was for medical reasons; my foreskin didn’t seem to have the elasticity required which made it excruciatingly painful when I (or rather, my parents) had to clean my penis. That part I remember vividly. And I’ve never had any problem with being circumsized (which is fairly rare these days in Europe, or at least where I live). As for the loss of senstivity, I can’t compare to other men, but I can climax just fine and a little less sensitivty goes a long way with the ladies. So hey, it’s not all bad. I’d rather be circumsized than come after 2 minutes.

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