Kim Jong-un: Nuclear Son

Ever wonder who’s going to obliterate planet Earth with nuclear hailfire?

North Korea has named Kim Jong-un the successor to Kim Jong-il. Which means that whenever the world ends as planned in 2012, Kim Jong-un will be the one to blame for destroying the planet Earth.

Technically, he has not taken power yet as far as I can tell, but with Il having had a stroke, I think it’s pretty damn obvious that he will be in power pretty soon.

This is not the time for petty details, like how North Korea has only one or two nukes at most, and would assuredly be destroyed by the fallout that would occur from their detonation. Oh yeah, and if it ever did launch one everybody dies, because then America would launch theirs, Europe following, and… you get the idea. Meh. Silly details. Rest easy planet Earth! We now know who will destroy you!

(Source: The Something Awful forums, BBC World)


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