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Many people do not understand why it is so important for astronomers to understand the importance of knowing the difference between a regular nova and a Type I supernova. While it may appear, at the outset, that such information is unimportant for the average person, its worth immediately becomes apparent when one knows the repercussions of a Type I supernova.

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While a typical nova merely releases a great deal of its mass and energy into the infinite blackness of space in a brilliant cascade of light, a Type I supernova explodes because it begins fusing carbon. This carbon fusion in a binary star system can be caused by two major factors, as far as we currently know.

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The first possibility, of course, when dealing with a binary star system such as could produce a Type I supernova, is a simple nova. In a simple nova, a white dwarf–whose electrons, at the atomic level, are so close that they are nearly touching each other–begins feeding off a larger star nearby, forming an “accretion disk”.

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The gas compresses and eventually becomes so hot that the the hydroges ignites and fuses into helium furiously.

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The star becomes extremely luminous for a short time and eventually resolves into its original state.

Unfortunately for the white dwarf, this nova process is often not enough, as matter continues to compress on the surface. The star, unfortunately for its fate, cannot rid itself of all its gases. In this case, it becomes so heavy that even its electrons cannot stop an implosion. In this case, the star begins fusing carbon, and it reaches supernova level.





? nac uoy llet tahw i ma gniyas

won ti si lla revo

pu si nwod

nd ıs poʍu

? dluohs siht eb eht dne ro eht gninnigeb

? rettam ti seod

ti si woh ti si

lla si tsol





In another, similar event, a white dwarf hits another white dwarf, which creates a massive star and begins carbon fusion. In any case, the result is the same: the core collapses, and the star violently explodes.



two lights here

two lights lost

one shattered

one broken

one pained

one frustrated

one hurt

one dejected

os ynam sevil

uʍop ǝpısdn pǝuɹnʇ

an instant in space

has begun





and ended



In spite of a supernova’s violence, it is a thing of gorgeous beauty, releasing into space a large amount of the heavy materials we know of on Earth. It is formed throughout the star, whereas a nova is an explosion of the outside of a star. A nova contains mainly hydrogen; a supernova creates nearly none.



a birth

a beginning

like nobody has ever seen

a love

a life

so cruelly taken

given back

A thousand fold



The Type I supernova is an integral part of the cosmos. It nearly always occurs with the same results and key properties. It is highly luminous. As such, its brilliant flash serves as a tool for those enterprising astronomers who wish to map the structure of the whole of the tapestry of the universe.






































































































































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