Gaddy’s Election II

My esteemed opponent “Gaddy”, who has challenged my Presidency in the Luigiian Republic, has detailed strongly her positions, which she says makes her the most eligible candidate for the Presidency/Governorship. In her latest post s/he writes:

“The only thing that is absurd is the notion that you have the auadcity to argue that you actually care for the citizens of Luigiville. Afterall, wasn’t it you who said on June 4, 2007:

‘The great Luigiian Republic shall remain under the dictatorship of the one, the only… EMPEROR JUSTINIAN!’

That sounds like someone who is more concerned with maintaining his power than someone who cares about the people who lives in the place he “rules.” A republic, which I believe Luigiville should be, is not ruled by one person, but by the people who elect their leader. Therefore, here is what I believe should be a staple of Luigiville:

1. One Person; One Vote
2. Judicial Independence
3. Health Care for All

Only then can you begin to refer to Luigiville as a true republic. I promise to make good on these issues in my first 100 hours in office.”

While indeed her/his opinions are indeed valid, her/his argument that the Luigiian Republic is not a true Republic is silly. I have lost the Governorshp in previous years, however, I was reelected later in real, one-vote-per-person elections. The tabulations, using a random-number generator and simple addition functions on an Excel spreadsheet, were indeed as real as can be for a Lego city.

I take great pride in the Luigiian Republic’s electorate/electoral system, which in my opinion is the best ever designed for a city made up of plastic people. Here’s how it works:

  1. Five (soon to be six) districts each nominate two or more candidates for the Governorship. In the last election, those candidates totaled three per district: One each for the Cougar Party, Lobo Party, and Mariolandian Party.
  2. Those candidates participate in one debate, during which they outline their basic platform.
  3. An Excel spreadsheet, with randomly generated numbers representing political views (negative for Liberal, positive for Conservative) is generated; each person’s political view is calculated by the computer program by adding each negative or positive number together (representing views on sexuality, economics, society, etc.) to arrive at a negative or positive answer.
  4. Each of those numbers are converted to their absolute positive or negative answer (-1, 1 or 0); those numbers are added together (again by the computer; I’m too lazy to do it myself) to arrive at a district’s total tally.
  5. Those numbers determine who wins which district’s electoral vote. The candidate with the most electoral votes wins.

That said, however, I encourage Gaddy to voice her opinion on the electoral system, which still has its flaws.

Her three mandates in her first one-hundred hours in office border on socialism (especially her mandate “Healthcare for all”) and are strictly unnecessary, in my opinion. I feel that the free market can fix the Republic’s admittedly aging healthcare system better than the Luigiian government can, as competition will ensure that the best healthcare possible in a city of only two-hundred people will be given.

I encourage Gaddy to continue her arguments, and to flesh out her three mandates. Her challenge is quite interesting.


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