LBN Newsnet Special Report: In Memoriam: Luigiian Republic “Anime Convention”, Part I

Luigiian Seal Circa 2004-2005

The “Anime Convention”, a term used to describe the Luigiian Republic’s legislative sessions, is a moniker which in its homeland inspires disgust, hatred, bitterness, and sadness. It is a name–and a period–marked by disaster socially, economically, and in the international arena. It is also a period which immediately preceded the best times the Luigiian Republic had ever had. In the face of such difficult competition, the Anime Convention withered at charges of inexperience and fervid radicalism. As one famous man once said, “The son of a great man must work twice as hard to be considered half as good.” Or something like that.

By 2007, the Luigiian Anime Convention has lasted for three long years. When it was first begun in the autumn of 2004, its brand-new congress of five distinguished members of the Republic’s highest classes promised great change, as it was preceded by a particularly harsh, dictatorial “Cougar Convention” which outlawed everything Japanese, anything considered immoral, and anything that was considered “immature”, “superfluous”, or “a waste of time.” The new liberals in charge decided to name themselves the Anime Conventioneers, a term describing everything that the old regime despised, to spite the Cougar Convention’s policies.

The first year began August 14, 2004, but the Anime Convention began holding regular sessions as of July 31, 2004, fourteen days before the next legislative session was slated to begin. This gave it time to recover from unusual circumstances during the summer: a volunteer corps had been established to assist in the Iraq War, and troops were just coming back; a slight economic downturn had caused inflation to rise; and the city of Luigiville was just beginning to adjust to the new freedoms it had been given.

Unfortunately, not all was well elsewhere. The normally-astute Governor Justin Depoy committed numerous gaffes in his international work, and adjusting to the new ideas inherent in the Anime Convention meant that many were unprepared for the culture shock. Worse still, the economy continued to suffer immensely, and international relations collapsed.

By fall, things went from worse to terrible, and Governor Depoy caused an international incident when he was accused of inappropriate dealings with the leaders of several other nations. Though it did not hurt him politically, it was a crippling blow to the infant Anime Convention, which now had to deal not only with economic and international woes but also scandal within the first three months of its inception.

By the end of the year, Governor Depoy had lost his momentum, the Convention had been vilified, and the economy festered with no end in sight to a far-reaching recession. Students began to stumble badly in the Republic’s standardized tests, as their parents lost thousands in the ailing stock market. As the year continued, it became clear that situations were going to reach critical mass as the Convention limped to the finish line on May 24th, 2005. Yet the Republic’s new lease on life in the freedoms which the Anime Convention had both borne and protected through this rocky first year, whose trials and tribulations would have been lethal to any other group other than the plucky Conventioneers, gave them a lease on life that would last for years to come–and still lasts to this day.

Luigiville Circa 2004-2005


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