Do Leather Seats Make Up For Six Decades of Discrimination? An objective analysis. (Sort of)

I know I’ve written a lot about the following two items:

  1. If you want a Japanese car, you should buy it.
  2. Cars in general.

This will stop soon. I’m tired of the feed too. Plus, of course, the writing, subject, and style all sucked. But now I’m even more pissed off. This is due to the following post from YouTube.

You know, this is the sort of thing that gets me thinking, “I spent $100 on a stupid anime DVD set that wasn’t even any good, so that the Japanese can segregate and discriminate against me, my friends, and anybody who isn’t Japanese?” And, believe it or not, this video, as far as I know, is not an exaggeration. I’ll tell you why.

Right now in Japan, there is a massive labor shortage going on. Fewer and fewer children are being born, and fewer and fewer people are entering the workforce. Same thing happens in the US. But in Japan, the people are so angry (or afraid?) of foreigners that they refuse to allow any more in, even if not doing so could potentially interrupt their entire economy.

Sounds just like America. And everybody says the Japanese have been so abused.

I’m sure you’ve either heard or believe this. For decades, the Japanese were forced to completely rebuild after World War II and its atrocities against them. After all, we bombed them; in fact, other nations have ethnic slurs against Americans specifically due to Hiroshima and Nagasaki. We put many Japanese-Americans in concentration camps, killed their men and children, and left nothing in our wake. All over some silly harbor out in the Pacific.

But, then, look at the score a little more closely. The Japanese got where they are today specifically by explointing other Asians!

If I may explain:

  • During World War II, they joined the Axis specifically to help them in their crusade to take all of China.
  • During World War I, their primary accomplishment was in joining the Allied Powers specifically to take German territory in the South Pacific. They got where they are today not by being “abused”, but rather, by manipulating, exploiting, and doing whatever they could to take over all the other people who live in Asia. In other words, they may well be the most European nation in the Northern Pacific.
  • During the Sino-Japanese War, they fought with China to take its land in Korea.
  • Just before the outbreak of World War II, they took all the land in Manchuria (Chinese territory) on a spoof of a reason that would make the Marx brothers proud (i.e. by blowing up one of their own railroad lines and blaming it on Chinese terrorists, please don’t e-mail me 9/11 conspiracy theories unless they’re fun). When the League of Nations attacked the Japanese for this, Japan withdrew from the League, eventually joining the Axis with Germany and Italy.
  • Before WWII, Japan was one of the most militaristic nations on Earth. During WWII, it decided to bomb Pearl Harbor specifically to create a protective barrier to ensure that the United States wouldn’t attack it for taking lands in other Asian countries.

And you’ll notice how much we crave their culture. We watch their animes, drive their cars, and send them tremendous amounts of money for the priviledge. And, in return, the Japanese treat foreigners–not just Americans, but everybody–as if they are second-class.

And don’t get me wrong–there’s nothing wrong with buying Japanese. For many, it’s the best solution. And of course I’m not suggesting that Hiroshima and Nagasaki were right–they were depressing, horrific moments in world history. But the Japanese didn’t get where they are today by being victims of European and American aggression–for that story, look to China, (i.e. Boxer Rebellion, spheres of influence, etc.) Korea (a.k.a. French Indochina), or Vietnam (which I don’t think I really need to get into). Japan got where it is today–as one of the richest nations of them all–by being as European as they come, right down to their modern buildings and militarism (which the Americans forced them to shed as soon as World War II was over.)

My point? I’m sick of talking about cars, and my Japanese rants are getting old. Really, considering the fact that I named the districts of my Lego city after anime characters should really make me consider stopping the whole craziness of the thing. The last three or four posts are really just me thinking over what I should do, influenced by nationalism, well-intentioned but opinionated information, and my needs. What does one do?

Well, for one thing, they stop sucking up bandwidth, which sounds, frankly, good to me.

ASPC: Because Suicidal People Need to be Protected from Suicidal Robots.

Today I almost had a heart attack. Take a look at that. Yes, a robot. Yes, suicide. Yes, I’m pissed off too.

But then again, I suppose this is fairly normal. You know, for writers, people who try to be humorous, or anybody lacking “social graces”. I was considering titling this post “Attention American Suicide Prevention Council: Kill Yourself”. Then I realized my mother would object. After all, you shouldn’t joke about killing anybody, including yourself. You shouldn’t joke about race. You shouldn’t joke about gender. You shouldn’t joke about American workers or things children like or puppies or children or…

And then, of course, we get to the problem here.

What the problem is that the American Suicide Prevention Council, like all these other hippies, can’t get itself straight. It argues that everything running contrary to its central thought–that suicide is NOT FUNNY and is A TERRIBLY SAD THING and SHOULD BE PREVENTED AT ALL COSTS–is wrong.

What the hell? Why the hell can’t I make fun of suicidal people? Because they’re “mentally disturbed?” Listen for just one moment: almost anything that runs contrary to popular opinion has at one time or another been considered “mentally deranged” behavior, like homosexuality and feminism. I’ll bet you my own ass that just about none of you (read: hippies) at the ASPC would ever consider calling feminism “mentally deranged” behavior.

This also pisses me off because of who’s calling the shots here. If you’ll notice, it’s an organization claiming to be for suicide victims. As if they can’t speak for themselves because they’re all too crazy to do it. The irony, as far as I can see it in all this, is that if I were to ever kill myself, it would be to get back control of my life, because fascist assholes like those at PETA, the ASPC, etc., had taken away control. If I want to kill myself, I don’t care if it is because I’m nuts or deranged or whatever. It’s my damned decision. Yes, it will hurt families. Yes, it hurts lots of people. But it’s not your damned decision, ASPC.

The saddest part about this is that–well–the commercial was one of the funniest at the Super Bowl, and when GM cuts out the suicide humor, it will no doubt take away that edgy, silly sort of humor that made the commercial so fresh and unique in the first place. I confess that I was certain from the moment I saw this commercial that it would be controversial, but I thought it a breath of fresh air for somebody to show something new, fresh, and controversial. Society, I think, needs some controversy to judge itself morally, because right now, America is finding itself at a social chasm. One side believes everything sexual should be allowed, accepted, and flaunted, while the other believes that the other side is comprised of terrorists and will lead us to the kind of decadence that ended the Roman Empire. The Super Bowl, through Janet Jackson, found itself in the middle of this depressing political quagmire. Even more sadly, that split will actually make America weaker, as we descend into needless political bickering instead of stabilizing Iraq and preparing ourselves for future military fighting.

One other thing; I’m sure a lot of people think that the robot jumping into the river is going to convince people to commit suicide. But it won’t. If a person wants to commit suicide, they’re going to do it whether we like it or not. It’s not because of a robot jumbing into a river, it’s probably because their life sucks, or they think their life sucks, or they want to quit working, or they just want to end their life. What are you suggesting? That GM is trying to sell suicide, rather than its shoddy cars? Or do you just need something to complain about, because the ASPC, like PETA, has PMS?

I know if you’ve read this far, you hate what I’ve had to say. Good. Maybe that means I got to speak my mind. Something ASPC needs to learn to respect. After all, if I had the ability, there wouldn’t be a debate. The people laughed, ASPC. Now be quiet.