The Girl

She looketh like the
If the Sun looked like
Gerald Ford she did.
She is beautiful, like the sun,
Or the Moon,
But you cannot understand.
True beauty lies beneath
The face which looks like
Gerald Ford hers.
I say Hello, and she
Acts like she does not know me.

She looketh like the Moon,
If the Moon looked like
A squirrel she did.
Her cheeks could hold a
Thousand acorns
And her tiny eyes
And cheeks specked with
Freckles and moles
Which call out to me
Even though her mouth
Speaketh restraining order.
She comes in
With her beautiful, rosy
And then she leaveth.
I am sad.

She looketh like the stars
If the stars looked like
Shigeru Miyamoto she did.
She is so very Asian
And yet looketh like a man.
A manly man.
And she wears her anime clothes
Like a badge of Asianness.
And I say hello to her,
And she cannot hear me.
Thank God.


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