A Rerun of Luigiville and ’08 Presidential Nomination Report

In case you’ve been wondering where on Earth I’ve been, I’ve mostly been in my house. You see, today, throughout New Mexico, snowfall, cold, heat, rising temperatures, cooling temperatures, and runny noses have kept many of us indoors.

And don’t even get me started on winter break.

So today I spent my time working on a new LEGO car for my LEGO city: The all-new LMC Rerun, named for the concept that it will run several times without breaking down, not old TV reruns. It houses four people, four suitcases, and a small (for Luigiville) 200ci 4-cylinder engine in a small engine bay. It has a total length of around 14L’ (fourteen LEGO feet), a width of 6L’, and a height of approximately 80L” (far taller than any car on the market, even SUVs). LEGO figure height impedes serious height reductions. It’ll probably be on MOCPages soon, don’t you worry your pretty little heads.

And of course, after reading Cagle’s Cartoon Index, I started thinking about Election 2008. Now, of course, I’m sure you’ve already got at least one person in mind for who you’d like to see become President (Hillary Clinton), but you would be wrong. I can tell you the best person for the Dem nomination in 2008 in only two words.

Bill Richardson.

Those two words should be enough, but unfortunately they’re not. Richardson has served as U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations, a U.S. Energy Secretary, a Congressman, and as Chairman of the Democratic National Convention (yes, I know it was in 2004, when John Kerry got nominated, but since retards voted for Kerry, not Richardson, we can safely say it’s not his fault). A diplomat and energy expert is just what we need in a time of high oil prices and when the world hates us. In fact, delegations from nations like North Korea frequently invite him to diplomatic talks. It’s just a shame that he’s not female, or else he’d be President like THAT. He’s even Hispanic!

Meh. Anyway, Luigiville’s coming along nicely in ways that don’t involve my little Rerun. A pair of brand new condominiums are about to be installed that will give residences to twelve newcomers to the famed Luigiian City. They will be the city’s first fully-furnished houses of any kind that I’m not using as my house. I only hope that will calm the angry mob that won’t let me out of my house.

See you guys later. I gotta get my mob-dispersing stick.


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