Thanksgiving Turkeys

This last week, the vast majority of us in the United States celebrated Thanksgiving, and for many of us, it was a wonderful time of eating dry turkey for Thanksgiving dinner, which in my family is actually lunch, unless you are old and call lunch “dinner” and call dinner “supper”, in which case you are an idiot geezer. In my house, the whole family, consisting of the Handley side of my family and not the Depoy side, which eats alone on Thanksgiving, all cram together in our living/dining room and eat lots of food. Except for me. Because I eat slowly, and so long after everybody else is finished at the table I’m still poking around, getting bites of various types of food, sometimes having to steal food from the dog.

We had a wonderful time overall. For example, my uncle Joe showed us his new car, which was one of these new Chevrolet Impalas that look more like a throat lozenge than the previous generation, according to Motor Trend magazine. And, adding to the wonder were my cousins Amaree and Aliae (two of the reasons I don’t use spellcheck anymore), who wonderfully screamed at me that they wanted to play with me; but I wanted to talk to my cousin Josh, who I haven’t seen in several billion light years, and so I finally gave them several tubs of Legos to play with, after which they wonderfully told me that my buckets didn’t have any parts they could use, so I gave them another tub, and then their parents (and Josh’s) said they had to go. All in all, a wonderfully wonderful Thanksgiving.

Anyway, during all that me and Josh played Dance Dance Revolution on my Nintendo (because it is so darned Thanksgivingy), while everybody else watched, because most of the football game was over. Me and Josh don’t really get into football. For example, I am supposedly a Chicago Bears fan, but I have no idea who anybody on the team is, inasmuch as I know only two major points about the team:

  1. My father was a fan;
  2. They were featured on a Saturday Night Live skit.

So, in all reality, my cousin and I were more inclined to play video games, and probably would have stayed up, since it was “Adult Swim” night, but of course Josh had to take care of his sisters, you know, Amaree and Aliae (I’m sure it was wonderful). As it was, we played DDR, and everyone left, and I spent much of the weekend either eating, or doing homework, or both at the same time. And not all turkey (thank God); me and my mother went to the Red Lobster, where we ate shrimp. And then came home for some turkey.

Next up, it’ll be time for Christmas, after which is New Year’s, and I’m sure I’ll spend these holidays doing much the same. I’ll be getting at least $200 worth of Legos, though, and I’ll have much more homework!

Only this time, I won’t have to deal with Thanksgiving turkeys. Maybe we’ll get fried chicken.

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