Governor Makes Half-Assed Attempt at Senate Election Because of Luigiian Site Post

Luigiville– Yesterday, Governor Justin Issac Depoy (C) gave out election results on the election held November 4th. In a field of 196 voters, the Anime Convention, according to Governor Depoy’s statistics, held on quite well, beating the Order of the Lobo by one seat in a five-seat Senate.

Residents, of course, are freaking pissed.

“I think that them thar results cain’t be true”, said one farmer, reporting from his precinct in Kirara District, where the liberal “Cougars”, Depoy’s party, won handily. “To my knowledge, neither me nor my neighbors voted for those faggots. Therefore, I think that the results are faked, and I’m going to go shoot the Governor.”

Though many say they believe Governor Depoy faked the results, Depoy maintains that he has done nothing wrong.

“Those results were not faked,” Depoy said. “The west-side districts reported upsets for the Anime Convention, and that side of the city is liberal, and its residents in higher economic statuses, than their east-side counterparts. They’re richer, but not by much. I don’t think economic issues got their vote as much as the immigration issue–they wanted easier restrictions on it because of their wanting cheaper labor, and we are very pro-immigration.”

According to Depoy’s statistics, the Cougar Party won in Kikyo, Kagome, and Kirara districts, while the Lobo Party won in Miroku and Inuyasha districts.

According to Depoy, Kirara served as the swing state.


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