Hello everybody.

As you probably don’t know (because you’re a bastard), last time I posted, I wrote one post and put up a URL: Men Shut Up, Women Shut Up, and a pair of criticisms of two (2) different documents on the Internet which said what women and men should do on both sides. I said that I was sick of women bitching about men, since they won’t have sex with me; and I said that I was sick of men bitching about women, because they are stupid. That was the point of the article: Men and women are both stupid and hateful to one another, and need to shut up.

That was the point. But of course, my fellow Luigiians didn’t understand that. They said that I was an “evil demon from hell”, and that I needed to shove the articles up a certain orifice that shall not be mentioned. Then, they said that they wanted to set the house on fire.

Now of course, these are people who cannot be trusted with things like Avacado refrigerators, but I must apologize, or so says the chief of police, who is angry at me because he has a girlfriend, and he says that if he doesn’t get angry at me, she (meaning his girlfriend) will divorce him.

And so here are some of the apologies that I give out.

  1. I apologize for complaining about the articles. After all, a woman expecting a man to take it when she hits him hard enough to cause bruises is to be expected. Why not? It’s only fair! And a man expecting a woman to think nothing of watching sports nonstop, that’s fine too! What’s wrong with me? I can’t believe I ever even tried to say that that was bad!
  2. I apologize for wanting to have sex with women. That’s just wrong of me, not to mention perverted as hell, ISN’T THAT RIGHT LUIGI!?
  3. I apologize for getting angry at you, Luigi.
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