Another Web Browser Review?! Internet Explorer 7

I downloaded Microsoft’s latest browser, IE 7, just two days ago. Since, I’ve had many troubles with…

…No, not what you’re thinking. Believe it or not, the latest edition of the browser (it’s in beta) is actually quite stable. I’ve so far had only one slip-up, when it crashed dramatically just about an hour ago. It’s powerful, has everything you need in a browser, is designed for just about every webpage on the Internet (because it has IE architecture), and seems to work quite well.

And yet, there’s no way it’ll win back a Firefox fan.

Except for me. See, uh, I’ve kinda… I don’t know how to say this, guys… but I kinda like this browser. I’m so sorry. There’s just something about the following:

  • The ability for a webpage to show its Active-X stuff on the browser. I was made painfully aware of Firefox’s not being able to do this when my mother told me about a chili website that had (surprise) chiles that trailed behind the pointer. She loved this, but Firefox was unable to show them. I don’t care if it helps Firefox stay safe–if Firefox is so safe, it should be able to do everything Internet Explorer can do without sacrificing anything for safety.
  • The new layout. It’s clean, and has just enough room for around three tabs, which helps so you don’t overload your browser with too many tabs (I think, anyway). I know this through Firefox: I’d put ten pages on the system and it would crash. With less room, there’s less of a psychological need in the user to view so many pages at once. Plus, IE’s new system is pretty. Download it and see for yourself.
  • You can see virtually any page on the Internet in the way it was originally made to be viewed with IE.

So why did I switch from IE 6 in the first place, if I find IE to be so great? Well, I don’t. IE 6 sucks ass. IE 7 has some problems. It’s just that, well, as they said on Something Awful just today, “[it] won’t fucking stop crashing on me”. That’s my problem with Firefox; it’s just never worked well on Zippy. IE 7 is still untested though; it just seems like, I don’t know, if I’m going to have a crashing browser on my hands, I’d rather it be able to view every page on the Internet. So there.


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