What a web sight

Yessiree, the Luigiian Republic is

(Hey everyone. I’m really just writing this because I think I should start writing more often. I really don’t know why I’m writing this or what exactly I’m writing about. I apologize for how crappy my site is becoming–I’ve tried for years to improve my writing and I just can’t. Sorry)

changing rapidly. You see, today is the day I’m going to change my life. I’m going to go ahead and stop all of these horrible things that I do, and then I’m going to

(Doesn’t it just piss you off whenever you see a website and it shows all this boring dog crap you don’t want to read, and somebody just keeps writing and writing and writing about purposeless issues like how they just ate a sandwich or how they’re going to change their life? Well, it definitely irritates me. I look over Blogspot daily, searching, looking at hundreds and hundreds of weblogs)

stop eating meat, because meat is evil and

(that are pretentious)

I found this out after looking at meatsucks.com

(and give out unnecessary URLs)

, and then I’m going to post my latest photos of my children and my pets

(and show off photos of their children and their pets)

to show to my closest friends, and my husband, and my third cousin twice removed

(when they could just, you know, GIVE THE PHOTOS TO THEIR RELATIVES IN PERSON)

but I’m going to mark all of them PRIVATE so nobody else can see them

(because I desperately want my site to be a big hit, and I feel like I should give others as serious about this as me my traffic. So far, I’ve found one person that seems to want the same, and the rest are irritating, with all their pictures made private so that nobody can see except people they know,)

except these teaser shots of myself naked, cropped of course so only my boyfriend can see the best shots

(or obnoxious softcore porno of creepy preteens, or what are clearly ads by advertisers too stupid to realize they should try out MySpace to get some real hits)

. By the way, I’m going to start a brand new website that’s going to show my interest in pottery and knitting

(And why is it that everybody has at least four or five websites to their name? I know people who have accounts on Myspace, their AOL webspace, several anime web forums, etc. etc. I know I’m guilty, what with members.aol.com/luigirepublic, http://www.freewebs.com/luigirepublic, this site, my MOCPages account, but I use all of them. Why make a site no one will ever see, just to use free web space?)

and then I’m going to


take a bath, and then get out, and then dry off, and then get theee toothpase, an then im going 2 brsh mi t33th, and then

(And please, for the love of God, don’t use proper grammar, because then we might be able to read your ramblings about everything that happens to you. Please use l33t, so that anybody who tries to read what you have to say has a brain hemmhorage. Lord.)

im gong 2 go 2 sl33p!!!!!!!!11 so yeah…

(Yep, my writing definitely sucks. After all, I’m against such tough competition. After all.)

and ill s33 u gusy later!!!!!111111?leid I love you all soooooo much!!!!!1


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