Achieving a Deep Understanding of the New Mexico Trailer Parade

Ah, a beautiful Sunday afternoon. I’ve always hated Sundays for just that reason: They’re always so pretty, and it just pisses me off. I want ACTION, for God’s sake, not to sit around. So on Sundays I usually work really hard on homework, and spend the rest of the week lazing off, which is different from most Christian people.

But oh well. Right now I’m doing my Spanish homework, which is trying to figure out why all Spanish words are essentially English words spelled just incorrectly enough to not be able to understand anything a “hispanohablante” says. It’s bizarre that God, in His infinite wisdom, would allow anyone to do anything like this to me, forcing me to understand nonsensical languages whenever I could be playing video games and figuring out what the hell is wrong with our cable TV connection. Something is always wrong with the cable connection, especially if you’ve just bought a $1000 TV set like we have, and it doesn’t have the right connection. We’ve been using a standard cable, just connected, totally unprotected, into the back end of our TV set since the dinosaurs roamed, because the cable company charges extra for an unnecessary box that needs another danged remote. But apparently RCA has decided that their TVs need protection from just having a random cable stuck into them. So we bought one, and tried to figure out how to get it to work, and it just kept saying “Your Explorer has not been certified to be used”. Or something like that. Because we don’t have a Ford Explorer (I deeply apologize for using that joke), we were deeply confused. Finally, I figured out that if you unplug the box, then unplug the cable connection, then plug the box back in, then turn it on, and finally hook it back up to cable, you can get it to work. So, this afternoon, we’ve been watching the Trailer Parade.

Well, that’s not necessarily what it’s called. It’s called the New Mexico State Fair Parade. But that’s what it is. First in the parade, you get a bunch of high school kids prancing around fruitily on broomsticks with their school mascot’s head put on them, then various politicians, then flamethrowers (for the politicians), and finally people in old cars hauling trailers. So we wish that I hadn’t been able to get the TV to work.

That’s it for now. I suppose I ought to post another webcomic in just a second, once I’m done trying to figure out exactly what this update has accomplished.


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