Attention Dating Sim Fans: Your Console is Here.

OK, so the world doesn’t necessarily need another game review from some dummy who thinks he knows what he’s talking about. The world also doesn’t need another video game console. So far this year, we’re about to see the emergence of three mighty birds of war, the XBox 360, Nintendo Revolution (which I know is now called Wii but whose name I refuse to use) and the always boring yet best-in-show Playstation, which, in a fit of creativity, has named its new system the Playstation 3, almost leaving me longing for the relative creativity of the name Wii. So let’s get started.

As for the title, you’ll understand if you read this article.

(As always in my critiques, I will be using the store of knowledge I get of the E3 conference by reading the latest copy of Game Informer Magazine.)

As we speak, the XBox 360 is already on store shelves. At least as far as I can tell. I mean, you’re always looking at faceplates for this system, which looks as svelte as a female, no doubt to the love of video game nerds. (ATTENTION DATING SIM FANS: THIS IS NOT YOUR SYSTEM.) It also, again to the love of video game nerds, is the exclusive realm of the Dead Or Alive Volleyball Girls, who were known for, in the nicest term possible, booby jiggling. This time, the creators have struck one for girls who think that nerds need to get out more often; yes, they’ve made it so that when a girl jumps up, each booby unit jiggles independently of the other, thus creating an effect which most LA surgeons cannot recreate. And, of course, they’ve made it better in gameplay, as we’ve been told. Anyway, though, that is not my point. In terms of price, the XBox, again as far as my knowledge goes, will be midway between the Wii Wii and the PS3. I expect it to win in the video game wars on cost and games alone (it actually has an amount comparable to the PS3, including the booby jiggling game). The reason? Because it’s pretty, it’s got good games, and it’s got something new and different without being too weird.

Which brings us, as usual, to Nintendo. In case you have been spending the past five years in a cave in southern Zimbabwe, you have probably already discovered that Nintendo did not, in fact, learn from its last burst of “creativity”, when it gave the Gamecube a DVD system that would probably have been worse than a cartridge-based format, especially if the cartridge port had been backward-compatible with the N64 (which was “creative” in that it was at least 5 years too late), or shaped to look like the outline of a small deer. This time around, they gave it a funky-looking controller, which has one piece similar to a remote control which you hold in one hand and another little joystick which you hold in the other. Remarkably, if there aren’t any bugs with this bizarre-sounding system, it sounds like a lot of fun: imagine making your character move with the joystick and swinging a sword at the same time using the remote-control’s sensor capability (it can detect motion). Unfortunately, though, it will be pretty odd-looking, even if it is the cheapest one. I give this system a good chance of taking the sales cup, because it’s cheap and if the Nintendo DS (those little dual-screen Game Boy styled systems with the weiner dog game on them) taught us anything, it’s that gamers want something unique and inexpensive.

Which brings us to the PS3.

I give this system the lowest chance of being the best. Why? Because it’s same old, same old. The controller is virtually a carbon copy of its predecessor’s, and the system itself is expensive ($500 base, $600 with extra features), bulbous, ugly, and just lacks both the style and uniqueness of the other two competitors. Plus, its showing at E3 sucked.

So, dating sim nerds, which system is for you? The PS3, because-if the price tells us anything-it’s going to be fat and lonely on its birthday, pretty much like you.


3 Responses to “Attention Dating Sim Fans: Your Console is Here.”

  1. Loser Police Says:

    Geez, this loser gives a review of consoles just so he can insult dating sim users at the end? Talk about a loser. LOLOLOL

    I bet your girlfriend was fucking your roommate as you wrote this. ha ha ha

  2. governordepoy Says:

    Actually, Loser Police, she was. Speaking of which, if you can’t find your girlfriend tonight, it’s because she’ll be with me. My roommate can have my girlfriend, she was an ugly bitch anyway. Here’s hoping you can find someone new, Loser Police.


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