Red and Green’s General Store: A LEGO construction for the stars, if your stars aren’t too good

Ah, old Red and Green’s General Store. This is one of my favorite designs. After construction, I waited over a year to send it to MOCPages, a site dedicated to putting people’s LEGO creations over the Internet. That was this week. I wrote on it at moc.php/16490
If you’ll notice, this picture to the left isn’t the photo I put on MOCPages. That’s because I’m going to begin trying to use Blogger instead of my crappy AOL account to upload images. I like Blogspot. It works well if you use Firefox.

Speaking of Firefox, I’ve fixed the site so Firefox users can finally see it. I want to delete my AOL browser stuff and just use the AOL Dialer and Firefox. Every time I use AOL I wind up clicking Settings and getting AOL crap. Firefox acts like a Corgi, always being nice and quiet and only occasionally biting one’s ankles. I like that. Plus it uses less of Zippy’s limited RAM.

Oh, you didn’t know about Zippy? He’s my little laptop. Just a little $500 thing we picked up at CompUSA. I named him after Dave Barry’s dog, Zippy, his emergency backup dog. My Zippy is my emergency backup computer. So there.

I hope I can start making this site funnier. Most of the stuff you see on the Internet isn’t worth squat. Maddox is boring after a few loads, Something Awful is awful, and the blogs are atrocious. Is there anything besides porn that people look at on the Internet?

So that’s why my posts sometimes sound a little bit like Dave Barry posts. I’ve been trying to make my site funny, so it’s actually worth reading, and also to get back at Maddox. For writing a hateful column about CompUSA, which, unless you have a short attention span, you’ll remember I got Zippy from.

That’s it. I’ve got some cool interior photos of Red and Green’s on MOCPages. I’ll start uploading a new creation every month or two. Next up will probably be the police station, one of my favorites and a customized LEGO set, Metro PD Station, #6591. It’s a bit rough-hewn, I think, but it’s acceptable. Just you wait and see.

Now, let me go back to fantasizing about being funny. Heh-heh.