LuigiRepublic Is Getting Down (Again)

In case you’re wondering (yeah right), my school won a Mock Trial Tournament using only a duck. I’ll explain later, after everything there is over, in a piece entitled Mock Trial Report 2006: They Call Him Kappy.

Anyway, moving on, Luigiville received its third shipment of bricks from Bricklink. Of Course I didn’t get enough. I believe that, whenever the Earth’s beings are green alien-type creatures who are capable of intergalactic space travel, I (by then, a floating head in a jar typing on a computer using brain waves) will still be unable to get enough Lego bricks to actually finish my buildings. Even then, the bricks will be yellowed and covered with God knows what. However, in good news, the new structures are really beautiful. They look like real little miniature houses with little knobby things every foot. The fire station is the best, in my opinion, but my new apartments passed their “Super Awesomeness Test” with flying colors, meaning I’ll just replicate them fifty times like rabbits. Like I’m actually going to use three hundred separate styles for building houses for dead plastic people.

In other news: has been redesigned, now with 50% less fat and/or calories. Check it out: I understand most of the people have agreed to make something worth reading. I still have my doubts. Please attempt to get through PrettyPrincess, OK? Please get her to shut up.

That’s about it. Also, sorry for no update last week. I know that many of you become extremely angry when I don’t post (of course that means you, Dr. Fartknocker) but you have to understand that since nobody actually visits this site except for five naval officers in Guam, I don’t really care. Please be advised.


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  1. mary Says:

    nice blog!


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