The Luigiville Report: Cloudy, with a chance of showers

Luigiville is currently in good condition. However, every time I look at what I’ve accomplished and what I wanted to, I get worried. The original idea of the Luigiian Republic Project was to finish my apartment blocks, and was supposed to take 4 years (Luigiville is nine years old.) It was supposed to give housing to at least half the Luigiville population, and this probably isn’t going to happen, because by my estimates it’s going to take at least $1500 just to buy new baseboards for West Luigiville. I still haven’t figured out the problem.

Anyway, currently everything is going all right here, except for the Luigiville thing. I’m getting exhausted by the Current Pace Of Girlfriends (CPOG), which is still: zero. Then I see news reports saying that women cheat on their husbands more when they’re ovulating, and read a story in English class that talks about a woman who’s happy after finding out her husband died in a railroad accident, and I watch an episode of Dr. Phil about people who believe they’re controlled by evil demons, and I go: Huh?

I think I’m going to stab myself with a piece of string cheese.

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