AOL sucks.

I decided that since I wasn’t able to keep my promise to those of you on MOCPages (i.e. to post pictures before New Year’s), I needed to give an explanation. You see, I was expecting uploading photos to MOCPages to be easy. I had a brand new Polaroid digital camera, a computer and an Internet connection, what reason would I have not to believe it would be easy?

Of course, I forgot about the one thing separating me from a simple night of making a new LEGO Page: namely, AOL, by far the worst ISP in the United States. I went onto AOL’s “My FTP Space”; after taking twenty minutes to download a photo, I tried another (I understand that having a dialup Internet connection is slow, so I won’t knock them for that); and it KICKED ME OFF THE SERVICE FOR NO REASON. I swear. Not an error message requesting “more space”; this was simple. AOL had failed… again.

Why is it that every single moron on the Internet today uses AOL? It’s worthless. AOL is expensive, its software is hopelessly buggy (but who could possibly pass up making their own multicolored toolbars? Me, for one), and it’s by far the worst ISP on the Internet. Type in “worst ISP” (that means “Internet Service Provider” to the layman who doesn’t work at some computer store) and articles on AOL always invariably show up. In fact, on AOL Search (the worst search tool on the Internet, just try it) it shows up as one of their sidebar choices.

AOL’s parental controls are the worst. I have a 17-year-old friend who just got off the controls THIS YEAR. The fascists blocked everything worth looking at, from Maddox to Something Awful. In fact, I’m pretty sure they blocked MOCPages (A LEGO SITE) too.

Not one person reading this article today would shell out $25 a month for radio or local television (not even those buying satellite radio, because who would want variety in their music?), but almost half the Internet audience buys AOL’s faulty, worthless service every single month.

Thankfully, soon I may not be one of them. I asked my mom to take us off AOL; after seeing how long it took one of her favorite sites to load, I think she’s understanding why. I hope some of you on AOL will take heed of this warning; I think it’s time to boycott AOL until they get programs and service worth $25 a month. Until then, use the Internet as much as you can, AOL users; get as much out of your money as you can.